Conflict Management


Conflict Management



Conflict may be defined as a struggle or disagreement between people with opposing needs, ideas, beliefs, values or goals.

Relationships between employees and customers is vitally important to any business.   Whether it be customer complaints or staff disputes, protecting the reputation and band image or maintaining a harmonious and efficient working environment, conflict can not be left unchecked or unresolved.  Conflict management is about taking simple steps to prevent and reduce conflict and risk to all parties as well as developing positive relationships and interactions.  Identifying positive alternatives to physical intervention is key to preventing a situation spiraling out of control

A badly managed customer complaint can have a devastating effect on a business when captured and distributed on Social Media and influential websites such as Trip  Equally the impact of a delayed important contractual project  due to team personality conflict can have commercial ramifications beyond the project team members.

EQUIPP has a particular Conflict Management Training (confrontation) Course to help companies stop the escalation of conflict involving  customers & staff and staff on staff scenarios.

We are EQUIPPed to help clients identify, evaluate and mitigate operational risks such as conflict in the work place to an international best practice standard.

  • Conflict Management +
    • Course Objectives and Assessment criteria
    • Principles of conflict management
    • Communication
    • Human Responses in conflict situations
    • Assessing and reducing the risk in conflict situations
    • De-escalating conflict in emotive situations
    • Good Practice following conflict situations
    • Exam

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