Virtual Classroom

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Virtual Classroom is convenient for organisations who have difficulties assembling employees in one location but still require interaction with a travel safety expert.

In the virtual sessions the  online attendee has the advantage of interacting with the subject matter expert with knowledge based on work  experiences in modern day conflicts and extensive travel.

The aim of the travel safety modules is too build on a base line module of  pre-planning / analysis, followed by modules which are focused on the risks while in country, a module on Kidnap and Rasom (K&R) is also available and a module on health risks (Module contents are listed below).

Modules focusing on hostile environment (HEAT) in particular are also available that progressively build on a semblance of specific knowledge. Please contact EQUIPP via email for further enquiries.

The use of multimedia within the presentations under pin the virtual learning experience, coupled with the verbal interaction of the expert.

EQUIPP uses a professional webinar service provider and does not require any software download by the attendee.  For further information please look at FAQ’s (LINK)

All modules are approximately 60 to 90 mins in duration


Virtual Classroom Modules available

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 Other webinar modules are available from other courses, please ask for details

  • Travel Safety Awareness Module 1 (Know your destination) +
    • Country overview & threat assessment
    • Pre-departure planning
    • Cultural Awareness
    • Self Sufficiency
  • Travel Safety Awareness Module 2 (In Country) +
    • Personal Secuirty
    • Situational Awareness
    • Avoiding Confrontation
    • Managing Confrontation
  • Travel Safety Awareness Module 3 (In Country) +
    • Hotel/ Villa and Office secuirty
    • Aviation Security /Arrivals / Departures
    • Civil Unrest / Public Disorder
    • Avoidance Techniques / Actions on
  • Travel Safety Awareness Module 4 (Kidnap & Ransom) +
    • High impact crimes
    • Kidnap & Ransom
    • Surviving Captivity
  • Travel Safety Awareness Module 5 (Health Risks) +
    • Health Risks
    • Medical Support in Country
    • Medical kit to carry/ handy to have

Course Attendance:
  • Candidates will receive joining instructions via email to the email address provided on the booking form.
  • It is the responsibility of the individual completing the course registration/booking form to ensure joining instructions are received by the candidate.
  • If the joining instructions are not received, it is the responsibility of the individual who completed the course registration/booking form to contact EQUIPP’s training department to arrange for them to be reissued.
  • Failure to attend the course will result in 100% cancellation fee.
  • EQUIPP will send all correspondence primarily via email to the email address provided on the booking form. If alternative details are received after the booking form has been submitted, they will supersede the original details and all future correspondence will be sent to the new address.
  • It may be necessary, for reasons beyond the control of EQUIPP to change the timing of the programme, the venue or the tutor.

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