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Terrorist capabilities and their geographical reach demonstrated by successes against major city transport hubs, will embolden extremists around the world. Despite the security changes by governments in their attempt to counter this threat, radical organisations will continue to evolve their own countermeasures and tactics.

Mobile, determined and well organized terrorist cells operating in major cities bring a whole new security awareness requirement to bear on how we live and work in the capital cities of the world today.

It is not only the presence of terrorism that poses a threat to our travel. Infectious diseases, natural disasters and criminality have become all too commonplace in today’s world.  As an individual or organisation these events are often beyond your control; however, safeguarding your employees and assets and the associated corporate liability is still possible.


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Equipp offers potentially lifesaving travel awareness and security training packages for individuals and a small teams of senior executives, or indeed larger groups (15 – 20) in any location.  The training is formulated around presentations, open discussion and scenario based learning. We can deliver the courses in an office environment in most countries.

The course syllabi are part of a wide knowledge base, spread across a broad spectrum of experiences within modern day conflict zones, disaster areas and extensive worldwide travel to high risk environments.   That knowledge transfer is designed to make travelers aware of the types of threat that are in existence and heighten their own awareness of environments that could present a high risk scenario at any time.

Arming people with practical avoidance techniques (Actions on) gives an individual, should they find themselves in an ensuing terrorist incident, the ability to determine situational alternatives, thus minimizing a more negative outcome through lack of knowledge.


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Whether presented in a conference room or in the confines of your office, face to face training with an expert allows for greater interactivity. The dynamics of participant interaction within the realms of this training environment enables a truly collaborative experience.

Malta & Dubai

These course can be run in both Malta and Dubai


Virtual Classroom is convenient for organisations who have difficulties assembling employees in one location but still require interaction with a travel safety expert. The use of multimedia (video, audio and presentations) brings the online experience to life.

Individual information packages are typically broken down into 60 to 90-minute packages per module using a webinar platform. Module examples can be found on the virtual classroom page.