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In my estimation, the same ideas all appear in a section of COPE’s Guidelines for Peer Reviewers. The wording differs somewhat (though in many cases, only slightly), but the content is essentially the same. Crucially, the 16 ideas appear in exactly the same order in both documents – despite the fact that the COPE document also contains additional statements with no PIE equivalent, interspersed among the ones that are similar. If we designate the PIE statements in order as A-P, we find that the COPE equivalents also appear in the order A-P. How odd.

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence.

Why might PIE not want to credit COPE? We can but speculate. Perhaps the fact that PIE seems to be in direct competition to COPE might be relevant: they’re both organizations with “Publication” and “Ethics” in the title, who offer a set of best-practice guidelines for academics and academic publishers.

Although COPE has been around for 17 years not 5 months.

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